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We Love Magazines explores magazines and magazine culture with groundbreaking visuals and editorial contributions from around the world.


The book features in-depth analysis of various aspects of magazine creation while, as the title reflects, celebrating with genuine pleasure a medium that continues to entertain, inform and surprise.


We Love Magazines includes essays by international experts on not only practical topics such as the role of a cover and advertising, but also on historical subjects such as an analysis of groundbreaking moments and titles in magazine publishing.

The book also contains the most comprehensive directory ever compiled of 1,100 international pop culture magazines.


With Jeremy Leslie and Andrew Losowsky.



We Make Magazines - Inside the Independents explores and celebrates magazine culture through cutting-edge visuals and editorial contributions from around the world.

An explosion of independent publishing has emerged in recent years. Their unusual use of freedom of expression promotes excellence in writing, editorial design and visual arts.


Independent print media experiment with, cultivate and develop the magazine form in a way the mainstream is unable to risk.


We Make Magazines explores magazine culture and celebrates the energy and visual dynamite that can be found outside the publishing mainstream.

With Jeremy Leslie and Andrew Losowsky.


Happy Inventory celebrates 20 years of independent publishing and was released on the 20th anniversary of Maison Moderne.



Moien A wide-angle contemporary snapshot of Luxembourg covering a broad range of subjects, including a quick look into the past and a long-term view of the future.


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